Hooking up or hanging out with someone for just a couple of weeks or even if you are in a long-term relationship, you know that sometimes you can be that suspicious by nature. You tend to have this gut feeling that something is wrong or some things just don’t seem right.

There are things about your partner’s sex life that you suspect they are hiding some a peck of secret from you. They might be hooking up with someone else or somehow, they are indeed a sex addict. From there, how can you actually say that the person you are dating is actually addicted to sex? Somehow, we tend to ask ourselves about how we really know the person we are dealing with. Regardless of age, race, gender, social history, or psychological underpinnings the core signs and symptoms of sexual addiction are the same.

What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction isn’t just about loving sex. This case includes being unable to control sexual decision-making, failed attempts at stopping unwanted sexual behaviour and pattern of negative consequences resulting from one’s sex life, from anxiety to depression and legal problems.

Here are 6 warning ways that you are dating a sex addict;

Sign #1 – They usually tell lies all the time.


It is a very common sign to sex addict. If you are hanging out with this kind of partner, they are going to lie to you. Specifically, in just simple way of telling where they are or telling about people whom they are hanging out with are just few hard things for them. Although, the lies they are telling is not about sex, but the fact that they are compulsive liars is itself a warning sign.


Sign #2 – They masturbate all the time, no matter how much sex you have.


After a superb sex with your partner and you fall into deep sleep with him yet, you wake up seeing your partner masturbating next to you in bed. Moreover, once a sex addict masturbates compulsively, you are not a problem. It is just that they cannot control themselves doing such.


Sign #3 – They fool around on you.


In this case, cheating is pretty much nonstop. They cannot stay or stick in one relationship. If you have the guts or feelings that your partner is fooling around on you, then don’t hesitate to confront him. It is always be the best way to begin discontinuing the cycle.


Sign #4 – Not having a serious relationship history.


Well then, if your partner is a sex addict, then probably this case is normal. Since, they are seeking for more sexual or non-stop sexual activity, they can’t be a loyal partner to you. You might be special for him especially during sexual activities alone but out of that context, Nahh! Girl you have to think about it.


Sign #5 – They always get what they want in bed.


Indeed, they are really good in bed. Also, they have this untiring energy to have sex with you. Hence, there are some sex addicts who don’t care whether you get off or not. They are usually in control of doing sex. They can also lose the ability to choose to not engage in sexual fantasies.


Sign #6 – Obsessive sexual fantasy and preoccupation.


Sex addicts can spend the days and nights thinking about their sexual fantasies, planning, pursuing and engaging sex. They usually focus only to sex. Including little things about their decision or choices, sex must be one of their top considerations.

On the other hand, just because you’re dating or in a relationship with a sex addict doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything. If you really love the person, help them to heal and recover. Treatment options and health-care practitioners are always available.

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