So maybe you’ve been dating for a while. When you’re with this guy, you feel happy and you can’t stop staring at him. Initially, you felt like he’s really the one. As you enter into a serious relationship, things go differently between you and him. At times, things have been going well, but most of the time, you have multiple arguments that left unresolved. And lately, you are beginning to wonder whether or not he’s worth investing your time and emotion.

True love can’t be forced out, but comes naturally, when we don’t hunt it down. On the other hand, the right man who shares your values, motivates you, supports you, laugh the weirdest jokes with you, work hard to resolve your conflicts and loves you unconditionally are clear signs you have found the true love of your life.

So before you get in too deep with a man who seems fit, be sure to check first these five early signs;

1. Yours and his interest didn’t match.


If you’re an adventurer at heart, you are always keen to discover new places, adventures and experiences – and he’s there staying at home, on a couch, watching his favorite series with his childhood friends, consider that a warning. If you’re all about learning new things and he’s obsessed to the old, expect that you’ll be in an infinite argument.


2. You feel like you can’t trust him.


Trust is a must in any relationship. Without trust, a relationship won’t last. In a healthy relationship, you feel safe and comfortable. If you are uncertain with his motives and always questioning his whereabouts, there’s something wrong. Whatever your reasons of not trusting him, it’s a huge red flag that this guy isn’t the one.


3. Your relationship seems lacking a genuine connection.


Depth of connection is one of the important elements of a healthy and long-term relationship. While an amazing sex is great, that alone can’t sustain a relationship. Some women overlooked the importance of genuine connection because they are so focused on the intoxicating chemistry they have with their partner. You need to know guy intimately.


4. You’re hiding your true self.


Ideally, if you’re in a right relationship, you can always be yourself. But if you are pretending to be someone that you’re not every time you are around him, you won’t ever be happy in your relationship. Definitely, he’s not your soulmate. Good or bad, if he really loves you, he will accept you for the person you are.


5. You feel more frustrated than happy.


A relationship takes work and effort. Though it may experience some ups and down, if you feel sad more often than you feel happy, then take a step back and evaluate if he’s really worth it. No matter how much you love this guy, if your gut tells you that something isn’t right, chances it isn’t.

You don’t want to get committed in a relationship that isn’t built to last, right? So if the guy you are dating now or a person who plans to marry you is showing the above mentioned signs, perhaps it’s time to re-assess your feelings, otherwise, choose to continue at your own risk.

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