The human sexual experience is something fluid and versatile, and being attracted to trans people is part of that. Everybody responds differently to their attraction. Some people feel uneasy about their experience or question their orientation. Others go so far as to completely deny the attraction. It’s crucial to know that attraction doesn’t change you as a person. Attraction to trans people merely means your sexual or intimate desires don’t meet rigid social expectations. In other words, if you’re attracted to trans people, don’t deny yourself the pleasure of experiencing your full intimate or erotic feelings. The city of smiles is the best place to do this.

So where are all the proverbial trans singles in Bangkok? How do you meet one? They are, in fact, everywhere. They have regular jobs. They go to markets, malls, shops. Some are upfront and visible with their stories and trans identities. Others are less visible, living as trans clandestinely. Online dating sites are a good way to connect with members of the trans community, and there are quite a few trans-friendly events taking place across the city all year round. Should you decide to attend one of these, never make assumptions about people’s gender or sexual orientation. Show respect of boundaries as you would in any other city or country. Don’t start with questions about someone’s transition. Ask yourself how you would feel if a near-stranger asked you personal questions.

Bangkok is trans-friendly by all accounts, but even there, trans people don’t have full freedom. Most turn to the Internet to find someone they like. They can be shy, so it helps to chat for a while first. When you meet them in person, know that hugging, holding hands, and kissing is acceptable in Thailand, but it’s unwise to go beyond that in public, unless it’s a nightclub or bar. On the note of meeting, you might get lucky at a place like this as well.

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